UBB Code For Visitors
Code Usage Representation
[u]Something[/u] Underlined
[i]Something[/i] Italicized
[b]Something[/b] Bold
[strike]Something[/strike] Strikethrough
[email]Email Address[/email] Insert an email address
[url]URL[/url] Insert a URL link
[url=URL]Something[/url] Makeup a hyperlink
[color=Color Name]Something[/color] Colored
[size=Font Size]Something[/size] Words of certain size
[font=Font Name]Something[/font] Words of certain font
[sub]Something[/sub] Subscript
[sup]Something[/sup] Superscript
[quote]Something[/quote] Quoted
[hr] A horizontal line
UBB Code for Administrator
Code Usage Representation
[p]Something[/p] New paragragh
[left]Something[/left] Left alignment
[center]Something[/center] Center alignment
[right]Something[/right] Right alignment
[img align=Alignment]Image URL[/img] Insert an image
[img align=Alignment height=Height width=Width]Image URL[/img] Insert an image with a defined proportion
[wmp width=Width height=Height]Video URL[/wmp] Insert Windows Media Player objects
[real width=Width height=Height]Real file URL[/real] Insert Realone Player objects
[flash width=Width height=Height]Fash file URL[/flash] Insert Flash
[code]Something[/code] Script